Arm training against circulatory disorders in the legs

People who suffer from vasoconstriction of the legs benefit from a Training on the Arm Ergometer: endurance training, pain-free and maximum walking distance, as well as the quality of life to a similar extent as in the conventional Training on the treadmill or Bicycle Ergometer will improve.

The two Swiss physiotherapists Erik Willems and Raphael Weidmann analyzed for their bachelor’s thesis clinical studies to determine whether a Workout is effective against blood circulation disorders in the legs. As they report in the journal physiotherapy practice, can be a endurance training of the arms seem a sensible Alternative to usual therapy on the treadmill or Bicycle Ergometer.

The results of four studies show that Training the arms extended the pain-free walking distance by 33 to 83 percent, and the maximum walking distance by 29 to 53 percent. In addition, the patients felt healthier and noticed an improvement in their physical function, vitality, mental well-being and less pain. "These effects were clearly even more pronounced, as in the conventional Training with a treadmill and Fahrradergometer", so Willems and Weidmann.

You recommend to train twice a week for 40 minutes. It is initially trained with about one-third of the maximum power in intervals of two minutes of action and two minutes of rest. Later, the intensity is increased, and the ratio between action and Pause on 5:1 increases.

Of the peripheral arterial occlusive disease, about 15 per cent of people over 60 suffer a-Year-old, five percent of them have pain when walking or at rest. Since the walking distance is greatly reduced and Affected stop because of your pain, again and again, is called the disease, claudication. As a treatment, a leg workout on the treadmill or bike, to restore the function of the vessels. This is not accepted because of the pain of the patient but often.