Can Stress trigger a second heart attack?

Financial difficulties, work pressure, relationship problems and other crises: Everyone is suffering more or less under Stress. Some people who have survived a heart attack, seems to psychological Stress, unlike physical stress, more to add and increase your risk for another heart attack.

In order to measure the blood flow to the heart and the risk for heart problems, stress tests on a treadmill or Bicycle Ergometer performed. Researchers at the Emory University in Atlanta have found evidence that the detection of the blood flow to the heart muscle statement is in the case of psychological Stress may be stronger: they found that people, where it comes under a lot of Stress to poor circulation to the heart muscle, are twice as likely within the next three years, a heart attack, suffer, or other heart disease die than those whose circulation remained normal.

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"In our study, the mental Stress-induced reduced blood supply to the heart muscle was a better indicator of Risk than conventional Stresstests", Dr med said. Viola Vaccarino, a Professor of cardiovascular research at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health in Atlanta. The researchers examined 306 adults in the age from 22 to 61 years, who had previously been due to a heart attack is treated in hospital. They performed with all the participants both mental and physical stress tests. In 49 patients, a reduced blood supply to the heart caused by mental Stress find. Of them, 20 percent suffered failure within three years a heart attack or death from heart. 107 patients had shown during physical load abnormalities, they had in the subsequent period, only 8 percent of serious problems.


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