Care robots help the elderly in everyday life

Scientists have developed a robot that elderly people with dementia or disabilities helps them to be able to independently and home life. The robot can detect the location and activity of the supervised Person and to determine when help is needed.

The robot uses Sensors to navigate rooms and avoid obstacles. For simple activities it may support with video tutorials and also help you meals or medications. This researchers report in the journal of Cognitive Systems Research.

To test the robot, dedicated scientists 26 students who were in three activities that help him: prepare to go with the dog for a walk, medication, food, or water, or watering indoor plants. If there were difficulties, did the robot help, for example, to search for the dog leash. A Tablet could be communicated with the device, and Videos of the robot showed, for example, the next steps required for the activity to continue.

About half of all people over the age of 80 years required assistance with everyday activities. Because the number of people is set to increase over 85 years by 2050, a threefold, scientists hope to be able to help you with your technology a longer independent life.

"Over 90 percent of the elderly prefer to live at home, to ziehen&quot rather than in a nursing home;, Diane Cook, a Professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Washington State University said. "We want to help, technologies, so that these people can live independently, instead of sending you to a nursing home."