Cold and flu bath-lie: Why essential Oils health more harm than good

A warm bath with herbal fragrances to expel colds. But, above all, the essential Oils are not suitable for everyone and instead of free to breathe is the air. More about the ingredients, what time is a warm bath without the herbs, in a cold sense, and what home remedies might be even better.

The infection is in the suit is what many people think, a herbal bath helps, makes the nose and bronchi free. Because the referred to finished products, whether as a medical cold and flu bath or just as a cold and flu bath – contain certain essential Oils that are effective against the most common Cold symptoms. The most common including:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Mountain pine
  • Spruce
  • Thyme
  • Camphor

The rising steam from the bath water and, in addition, each Pore of the ingredients of the herbs to be included, and in the body to exert their effect: liquefy phlegm, alleviate cough and pain in the limbs good – in order for the manufacturer to advertise anyway.

Can confirm the Doctor? “That’s not true, rather,” says Hans-Michael mill field. The house doctor from Bremen, Germany, is Chairman of the Institute for in-house medical in-service training in the German house doctors Federation (IHF).

Cold and flu bath – two positive effects

A warm bath can certainly

Adverse effect – allergic reaction to asthma attack

What is problematic, however, the essential Oils, are the most experienced in-house doctor warns. Scientific evidence for their effect, there is hardly. However, they can lead to allergic reactions and although both internally and externally. The breathing problems to an allergic asthma attack, if the breathing of the ascending vapor is introduced. In addition, the ingredients of the essential Oils could irritate the skin, cause eczema.

“You know, take allergic Asthma, and atopic dermatitis, so should the recommendation Erkältungsbad as home remedies behind the questions”, press Hans-Michael mill field , the gently out. Certainly there are people that benefit from a cold and flu bath, but be sure the smaller part. For most, it is not helpful, in the worst case, even be allergenic. A cold and flu bath is not a harmless home remedy.

Essential Oils without the risk of Allergy, there is hardly

Each of the cold baths, the essential Oils contained in this connection is a potential hazard? “In the end, the all”, clarifies the expert. Therefore, you should consult in case of doubt, his family doctor, whether he advises him to be a cold and flu bath, or rather advises against. This is especially true for patients who have allergies, such as hay fever, Asthma, eczema, and food allergies.

Cold and flu bath is for babies and small children taboo

Especially dangerous baths with essential Oils for children under six years of age. Therefore, it had been abandoned. Also, rubbing with ointments containing essential Oils, not be recommended for children, the Allergy risk is too high. “At most, you can give a drop of essential Oil on the pillow,” explains the physician.

Bathing in cold, so it is healthier

Generally, the doctor may recommend cold baths, is why the Allergy potential of essential Oils. An Alternative is the pure Warmbad, so depending on the individual tolerability 32 to 37 degrees warm Full – or Dreiviertelbad would be. The duration of a bath is determined according to the well-being, should not be longer than 20 minutes. This variant would provide the advantages of the Wannenbads – without the risks of allergic respiratory problems and skin reactions.

But in the end, the warm bath is not good advice for people who struggle with an infection. “It can put strain on the circulation in addition to, and in the case of fever or high blood pressure you should not bathe anyway,” warns the expert. If you really want to, but it should be someone in the vicinity, if a weakness occurs.

The better home remedies for infections

What he can recommend with a clear Conscience for the common cold and the flu to everyone – from small children to seniors with high blood pressure is the steam inhalation. It is less invasive, can be customized to perform and at any time, cancel, if you feel comfortable, without the need to laboriously out of the tub to rise. Useful additives of salt. This simple food salt, sea salt or medical salt for Inhalation (pharmacy) use.

Conclusion: cold and flu bath Yes, but only if the doctor is in favour of the. And for small children and babies, these bath products are not suitable anyway. Because the essential Oils can have a strong allergenic potential. Less risky a warm bath without additives, but this can strain still the cycle is. The much safer and more benign home remedies for infections is the steam inhalation with a little added salt.