Corona-crisis: heart disease treatment

Doctors warn patients with certain heart diseases to postpone important pending investigations and operations, or to ignore symptoms. Patients with diseases of the heart valves, chest pain, coronary artery disease, and heart rhythm disorders should imagine, in spite of the current Covid-19-pandemic necessarily to the doctor or clinic.

Hospitals and Doctors do a lot for heart patients, in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is no risk if you come into the practice or in the clinic. "If they are to be taken in our clinic, everything will be for your security done. Our patients can pandemic despite Corona […] well fühlen&quot repealed;, Professor Dr. Jan Gummert, Director of the clinic for thoracic and cardio vascular surgery at the Ruhr University in Bochum says. For example, there is a General mask of duty, the staff is specially trained, and each admitted Patient will be tested on Covid-19.

OP move only in consultation with the physician

Special care was exercised in the case of a disease of the heart valves, because they can go unnoticed progress, thereby increasing the risk of complications increases dramatically. Surgery should be postponed only after consultation with the treating cardiologist.

Also if there are signs of a heart attack, the ambulance should be called immediately, because it is always life-threatening. The symptoms include chest pain that may radiate into the Arm and the back, Nausea or shortness of breath.

Cardiac arrhythmias can be harmless, but only a cardiologist can determine whether they are dangerous or not. That’s why you should lawn recurrent palpitations and dizziness also take it seriously, because atrial fibrillation can cause a stroke.


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