Coronavirus-News: when can I buy relaxed?

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Now I’ve got it out, I think to myself, as I use ready on my lunch break to go to shopping. When you Enter the car Park with the uneasy feeling gnawing at me that the “could quickly develop” in an “infinitely long Pause plating”. I unlock the car the second to last shopping.

Your money or your life

Exit from the crisis: What is more important to us – the economic rescue, or a human life?

I was not with my idea alone, I notice at the latest before the once again empty toilet paper shelves that line this time, even to the plundering of the cereal stocks. The Checkout line extends through the entire Store, a minimum distance is adhered to in every minute of the day more occurring with customers. The weekly shopping is for many people currently, to the Horror scenario – not because you want to do hamster purchases. But because you have to go due to a place of shops and ransacked shelves, but then again several times from the house.

When can I go to corona crisis for relaxed shopping? There is a secret hour that the shops are empty and the supplies are still fully populated? We have asked a supermarket employee.

Shopping Corona times: 3 Tricks from the supermarket-staff

Rule no. 1: The weekend to avoid

“On Saturdays you can go shopping never really relaxed – a maximum of from 17/18 at, as it is then slowly empty.”

Rule no 2: The right time to choose

“On Mondays it is in the afternoon and early in the morning, very crowded! On Fridays it is in the morning, relatively empty, and in the afternoon from 16 till 19 PM very well attended. In addition, it is open every day between 11 and 12 o’clock with us, very full.”

Rule no 3: The best days for shopping

“From Tuesday to Thursday, it is actually always relatively empty, so happy shopping!”

As a General rule, even now: It must not be hoarded. Due to the risk of Infection is, however, recommended to only go as rarely as possible shop – for example, once or twice per week.

Thanks for the tips!

source used: the Interview

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