Dementia or just forgetful? With a Test you’ll find it out

The date confused? Again, the name of the colleagues forget? Everyone is scattered and has small dropouts in terms of memory. But where forgetfulness ceases and where dementia begins? What are the signs that should make you suspicious – in their families, and themselves – reveals the dementia Test.

In Germany, around 1.6 million dementia patients live. Although the disease affects especially old people, according to estimates, around 20,000 people suffer but already at the age of 45 to 64 years.

In order to detect dementia at an early stage, has proven to be the watches test in various studies. It does not replace any professional advice. Anyone who suspects that a family member suffers from dementia, can make use of the Test, however, as a starting point. For an optimal analysis and evaluation, the patient should perform the Test under a doctor’s guidance.

Dementia Test: how to

The Evaluation

Category 1

  • The figures are drawn correctly.
  • The hands are drawn correctly.

Category 2

  • The distances between the numbers are irregular.
  • Some of the numbers are outside of the circle.
  • Some of the numbers are on the head.
  • For better orientation, your pair of auxiliary lines inserted.

Category 3

  • He has signed only a pointer.
  • He has not registered the time with pointers, but in the form of text records.
  • He has not signed in no time.

Category 4

  • The distances between the numbers are irregular.
  • Some numbers are missing.
  • Your pair has painted more circles.
  • The digits 1 to 11 are significantly larger than the number 12.
  • The digits are specified in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • The numerals are barely legible.

Category 5

  • In category 4, the features described are very pronounced.

Category 6

  • Your pair has not drawn a watch.
  • The drawing has hardly any Similarities with a clock.
  • He has only written words or his name on the paper.

The Result

Your pair is in category 4 to 6, it can be a sign of dementia. Because many people are afraid of a diagnosis, recommends the counselor to the Alzheimer society Munich: Avoid in conversation, terms like "Alzheimer" or "Demenz" and you suggest prefer: "Let’s check what we can do to combat your forgetfulness."

The sooner a doctor diagnoses the disease, the more effective the treatment is. Certain drugs act, for example, at the beginning of a dementia is better than in the advanced stage.

Other signs of dementia

Increase in the everyday things forget, is not denied automatically. Suspicious, you should make the following signs:

  • You forget, increasingly, appointments.
  • Several people are involved in a conversation, you have difficulties.
  • To the content of conversations you can’t remember after a short time. Events, which are longer, are still very present.
  • Do you have problems in your own apartment or in the well-known supermarket to navigate.
  • You will find yourself in a place or in a room and forget what you wanted to do there, actually.
  • It prepare a meal that requires several individual steps is difficult for you.
  • As you read, you will have to repeat sections several times to understand it, and can no longer concentrate well.
  • They have become schusseliger and negligent.
  • The right words are missing more and more frequently.

You suspect that a family member or even they themselves are affected, talk with your doctor about it.