Dermatologist warns of skin cancer-lightweight sense: the sun protection is a daily necessary

The Prime Minister of Hesse and Deputy CDU Federal Chairman Volker Bouffier is suffering from skin cancer. This type of cancer is one of the most common in Germany – and the Numbers are on the rise. What skin changes you should be aware of and how you can prevent it.

Volker Bouffier had undergone due to an “unclear nose finding” an intervention. At the time of tissue examination, the Doctors found a limited skin cancer. This will now be a already begun therapy. For more detailed information on the type of skin cancer, are so far not known.

The number of skin cancers is rising steadily

Skin cancer, with more than 1.5 million people are Affected of the most common types of cancer in Germany. The number of diseases increases the information of the German cancer society (DKG), is steadily increasing. Per year 234.400 people affected, according to the centre for cancer registry data (ZfKD), the Robert-Koch-Institute. The good news: detected Early, the disease according to the DKG is a curable disease.

Significantly more people diagnose Doctors bright or white skin cancer. In approximately 80 percent of cases, according to Klaus Kraywinkel by the ZfKD a basal cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, which forms in General, no metastases. Further, approximately 20 percent of patients suffering from a squamous cell carcinoma, prickle cell carcinoma, or Spinaliom that can form a certain size of metastases. However, this is rarely the case. Other types of bright skin cancer are very rare.

White skin cancer, with 750 deaths of about 213.000 diseases also rarely life-threatening. Dangerous is the black skin cancer, also called malignant melanoma. Thereto, each year approximately 21.400 people (3000 deaths), and significantly less than non melanoma skin cancer. Getty Images/iStockphoto

White skin cancer – so he can look

White skin cancer occurs predominantly on the body on areas exposed to the sun especially, such as Berlin skin doctor Christian Kors explains. These include the so-called sun terraces, for example, the nose, the ears, the neck, the forehead, the hands, the décolleté, and especially for men skin with a bald head.

Unlike the Name suggests, forms of white skin cancer has no bright spots. A basal cell carcinoma is usually skin color to reddish, and nodular or tumor-like. Also typical for the scale points are at the end of the skin with a hem made up of small nodules. The tumors can be noticed according to the DKG in addition, due to oozing or bleeding.

Getty Images/iStockphoto The image shows a basal cell carcinoma.

Squamous cell carcinomas vary greatly in their appearance: they can appear wart-like or wet ulcers are similar. Often, the skin tumors are ragged, scaly, or crust-covered spots.

How black skin cancer expresses

The black skin cancer develops, according to the DKG women are often on the lower legs, in men on the back. The appearance of the tumors is not uniform. Often flat, nodular, or raised dark brown or black spots.

Risk factors are mainly UVA and UVB rays

"Light skin cancer is mainly UV-bedingt", dermatologist Christian Kors explains. The risk factor number 1 is a strong exposure to the sun. Harmful UVA and UVB rays trigger the disease by causing mutations in the skin cells. Especially children should be protected from the sun, as sunburns at a young age increase the risk of skin cancer in adulthood. Also visits to the Solarium increase the risk of disease.

"In the case of skin cancer, UV radiation also plays a Rolle", the skin doctor explained. The radiation is an essential, but nevertheless only one of several factors, of which not all are known.

Browning cult in the 70s and 80s

Medically, the importance of non melanoma skin cancer, it is only since the 1990s, was known, says dermatologist Kors. Also, there used to be only a sunscreen with a low protection factor.

In the 1970s and 1980s, there was a rule, the right of the tanning cult. Hours and hours spent by people in the blazing sun because skin cancer was not an issue. If ever a light was protection used, then in the single-digit range. With fatal effects, which are not noticed until years later. Because skin cancer develops slowly, over time.

Today, the attention for the dangerous solar radiation is greater. However, people need to protect themselves according to skin doctor Kors, even today, consistently.

How do you protect yourself to the best

Helps it especially strong sun to avoid sunlight and to wear protective long clothing and a head covering. Also, you should use a high sun protection with UV-A and UV – B filters, and the cream thoroughly on the skin. Many people do not reapply to be economical, allowing a more effective protection is given.

Dermatologist Christian Kors advises even, skin protection every day to apply. "Every day, a light protection factor of 20 or higher – no matter what the Season." Anyone planning leisure activities outside, you should adjust the SPF, in addition to the above. The dermatologist recommended a protection of SPF 50 plus.

In addition, a regular skin cancer screening is crucial. Statutory health insurance companies such Screening numbers from 35 years in a two-year distance. Kors advises, however, to go every year for skin cancer screening and to examine its skin once in a month on conspicuous changes in the shape, color, or size of existing or new stains.

At what age skin cancer occurs

Skin cancer often takes decades until he develops. The basal cell carcinoma occurs according to DCT, on average, at the age of 60 years, the squamous cell carcinoma patients are diagnosed with an average of 70 years.

The risk of developing skin cancer increases with age. Women are, according to Klaus Kraywinkel with an average of 60 years and men 67 years. However, there is also significantly younger patients.