Eerie sight: dogs-robots controlled distance rules in Singapore

Si eim see Video: dogs-robots controlled distance rules in Singapore.

Singapore has unveiled a four-legged, dog-like robot, to the Park, remind the visitor in mind, a distance from each other to hold. The Spot, developed by Boston Dynamics, is used to reduce theamount of work force and to minimize the contact between the employees, as stated in the message of the Parks. Spot is equipped with cameras and Sensors, the number of visitors in the Park, assess, and reminded of, occasionally, through a speaker to keep at least a meters distance. Still it is controlled remote robot, in the future, it will operate fully autonomously. Currently Singapore has more than 800 new confirmed Corona infections. The total number of cases, according to information from the Ministry of health in case of over 23,000. Especially among the migrant workers there had been recently many cases of infection. They are housed in community accommodation, and had been quarantined. The Minister of labour, Jospehine Teo visited in the presence of the press, a supply device for the care of migrant workers, while the Rest of the city-state prepared to a loosening of Corona limitations. From the age of 12. May be allowed to open the first company again.