Endurance or strength? Sports physicians are showing which sports will extend your life

For many seniors the Training in the fitness Studio is now one of the everyday life. On the devices it’s often the gestemmten Weights and reps to give physicians to keep in mind. At least as important is another factor: the speed.

Who wants to stay in old age healthy and fit , you should incorporate regular exercise in his daily life. Whether you should focus on endurance or strength training, is scientifically controversial. While many studies point in the direction of the Jogging shoes, it calls a Brazilian study, the results of the Congress "Euro prevent 2019" the European society for Cardiology have been presented in Lisbon, now for the handle of the dumbbells. It is not enough, however, to lift Weights, the result of the sports physicians of the clinic Clinimex in Rio de Janeiro. The decisive factor was the speed at which the Exercises were carried out.

On the power, it is

Important is the difference between maximal strength and speed strength in this context: the Former describes the maximum force that can muster the muscle and the nervous system against a resistance. The maximum force used if you have to push a stalled car. The fast force is the one that accelerates your own body or objects within a short period of time with maximum force is on the increase, for example, in the rapid flight of stairs.

"In an advanced age of a chair to get up or to kick a Ball, requires, above all, Schnellkraft", sports medicine and study leader Claudio Gil Araújo explains. "Nevertheless, most of the strength focused exercises on the maximum force." According to a lot of people were focused in the gym on the Severity of the Weights and the number of reps instead of the speed of execution.

People with high power for longer life

For their study, the Brazilian researchers tested the power of 3878-athletes between the ages of 41 and 85 years (average age 59 years) and divided the subjects according to the results in groups of four. For the determination of the power, the scientists chose the Exercise "Upright Rudern", in the case of the standing with a weight with outstretched arms in the direction of the chin. This movement is like the lifting of groceries or a grandchild.

Six and a half years after the trial had died 247 of the men (ten per cent) and 75 women (6 percent). In this case, the risk of death was in the groups with low-speed strength is particularly high. Or the other way around: "Our study shows for the first Time that people with a high level of speed strength rather longer leben", this is the conclusion of sports medicine Araújo. The effect values were enough, already slightly above the average. He advises Doctors to measure the power of their patients and to recommend more strength training.

Any type of movement can extend the life of

But what if you can start with Lifting Weights absolutely nothing? Also for this case, the &quot had;EuroPrevent"-Congress good news: a Swedish study found that any type of exercise can prolong life.

"Many people believe that you need to go to the gym and train hard to get fitter to werden", Medicine, Elin Ekblom-Bak of the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences says. For most people, however, would have to rise a more active everyday with stairs or Cycling have positive effects on health, such as the study on cardio-respiratory Fitness, under the direction of Ekblom-Bak. The cardiorespiratory Fitness describes how well respiration and blood circulation provide the body with oxygen.

The Team of Ekblom-Bak had analyzed health data of more than 316.000 Swedish adults from the years 1995 to 2015. "It is particularly important that the increase in Fitness auswirkte&quot regardless of the starting point positive;, as Ekblom-Bak. "This suggests that people with lower cardiovascular benefit respiratory Fitness most of the improvement in their Fitness."

The Physician calls for the measurement to the part of the health checks. Lack of Fitness is a risk factor such as Smoking, Obesity and Diabetes, not yet recorded but to the same extent.