First city imposed a curfew: Why we should all be on Freiburg

This Text is a Declaration of love. In the Bächle. On the schauinsland cable car. To good coffee. The great art of Serenity. Nowhere else are so many people who have mastered this art, such as in Freiburg. This ability will now be even more important. That of Freiburg, is to be imposed as the first large city in Germany in the Wake of the Corona-crisis, a curfew, can’t leave anyone unaffected, who spent only a day there.

“Prohibition”, so what is true for all in Freiburg this Saturday, is officially called. This lock is an Express output, emphasizing the city on late Thursday evening in its official communication. A bad joke. As of this Saturday is strolling banned in Freiburg and pretty much everything that makes Freiburg to stay in public places, the excursion with the children to the next swing, with the whole family in a big round through the car-free district of Vauban. Out there. In a self-determined being.

The mayor must take the free burgers, the freedom

Roughly 230,000 inhabitants are affected. After Mitterteich in Bavaria (about 7000 citizens) and some of the smaller municipalities of Freiburg is the first large city in Germany, in the life of the people is now massively restricted. And this is not meant to have the toilet paper shopping limit or the home office so not ready, that the gentlemen in the Video call are shocked by the private disorder.


Life in times of Corona: Like the Virus, our country has changed

The Freiburg-based prohibition to be a care measure, stressed the non-party mayor. Not even two years Martin Horn is in the office. The surprise victory gave him, in 2018 the unofficial title of youngest mayor of a large city. Since then, the Freiburg look at him with a benevolent skepticism. After 16 years, with an experienced Green politician, as mayor, had to some to a 35-year-old politician who posts on Instagram his colorful socks, to get used to it. Now Martin Horn for Freiburg, the need to manage, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “the biggest challenge since the second world war”. He needs to take the free burgers, the freedom.

The reason for the decision taken by the Horn, is the dramatic situation in the adjacent Region Grand-Est in France, including the Alsace. Freiburg and the surrounding region are in a particularly vulnerable Region, and the neighboring Switzerland is greatly affected. The proximity to the border, the short way to the Ski holiday. What makes Freiburg among many other things of life, the city is now fatal.

Under the ignorance of the Individual must now suffer the whole city

Decisive, however, was that some of the people have not kept to what life the majority of Fribourg in everyday life: solidarity and cohesion. Already almost a week ago, the city and the neighboring counties have banned the execution of all events with 50 participants. But again and again people said to have been not this generally available. Especially in the case of the spring-like temperatures drew many citizens to spend their leisure time Outdoors on public squares, in Parks and green spaces. Without a minimum distance to each other. Without thinking about the consequences. Corona parties were celebrated. Under the ignorance of a few must now suffer a whole city.

Corona crisis

All that is now going out: Are you actually stupid?

A city in which even a 24-hour-stopover for a short holiday. Two to three Times a year, if nothing more. In the black forest breath. Where friendships last, even if between the Dreisam and the Elbe, in the meantime, 800 miles. Through the ancient archways to the city centre, enter, shopping, and culinary discover, in the many small owner-managed shops. The products are mostly regional, often organic, been vegan before in the Rest of Germany, Trend.

Freiburg’s children grow up on the outside

Who knows with families from Freiburg, and the nerves were already before the curfew blank. Freiburg’s children grow up on the outside. The mud pants is the most important piece of clothing. The Rents are almost as high as in Hamburg or Berlin. Anyone looking for affordable property, you need to pull far to the edge of town and all the comfort of the Central downtown, from all sides easily accessible, to give. The apartment in the city with daily excursions in the nature is the perfect compromise. Five weeks, in which the kindergarten has been closed, can be long. Two weeks of curfew is likely to mean for Freiburg’s children a century. For parents it is war.

Because people have not thought of. Because parties were celebrated. As all know, what would be the consequences. That people die, if not all, change their behavior.

For many small businesses, the Freiburg researchers have developed existences, are the discretion of the economic consequences of hardly. Many will have to fight for their existence.

What remains for the Rest of the Germans? In Dortmund, Hamburg or Berlin? In Leverkusen, where on Friday the city of two or more persons in the Free prohibited. Look. And: Please do not imitate. Next week, the Freiburg example could make school. Our behavior this weekend will decide. It’s not So difficult. Keep your distance, be reasonable, be human.

And use the Internet: many of the Freiburg-based producers and restaurateurs forced to close their shops, are present on the Internet. Also, the small Bavarian places in which the very first forms of curfews have been imposed, are digitally accessible. A solidarity greeting sent over. Or online store with a filled cart left. The first coffee delivery is likely to be in a few days in Hamburg. An alert mind we can use at the Moment.

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