Klagenfurt sets bus operation – due to measles

According to the measles disease, of a bus driver, the Austrian city of Klagenfurt has set the bus on Wednesday temporarily. This should prevent a spread of infectious disease. All 60 buses will be disinfected, in addition, the vaccination status of the total of about 130 bus drivers, will be checked colleague of the Diseased, said a representative of the Klagenfurter Stadtwerke.

The Review could drag on, however, it was said. Many bus drivers have a valid vaccination certificate at the ready, or could not say with certainty whether they were ill as a child and therefore immune. In the early evening the public transport of the 100,000-inhabitant city shall be recorded at least at hourly intervals. At the start of operation on Thursday, the city buses according to the current state of knowledge, again according to schedule.

95 percent get

Infection with the measles initially causes a high fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, and conjunctival inflammation of the eyes. At the same time, the Affected white Spots appear on the mucous membrane of the mouth, which look like the lime splash. After a couple of days, the typical rash with brownish-pink skin spots often appear first behind the ears and face and then all over the body can spread. After about five days, the complaints mostly.

Measles is among the most contagious pathogens. An Infected comes with a human contact that is not protected by vaccination or previous illness, becomes ill with a probability of 95 percent.

A majority of people survive Measles infections, the disease can have life-threatening consequences, such as an inflammation of the brain. The risk of complications in infants and children in the first year of life and in adults over 20 years.

For full protection against measles, two doses of vaccine are required. Since after the introduction of vaccination in 1970, many children, once vaccinated, are protected some adults, despite vaccination, only inadequate. To exclude, it is worth a look in the vaccination certificate. In Germany have been infected this year, 236 people with measles (mid-March).