Lack of medicines: study shows to be delivered, why it bottlenecks

Currently, many medicines are available in pharmacies is not available. This is especially the case, if health insurance discount arrange contracts with a single manufacturer. A recent study by the IGES Institute, which was the industry Association generic medicines in order to used. Pharmacist on call policy and the economy, to take swift measures against supply bottlenecks.

Only last week, the German drug testing Institute (DAPI) presented a study that for all the Discount products were analyzed on their availability in the past years. It came out: The number of available discounted drugs has doubled from 4.7 million in 2017 at 9.3 million packs in 2018. Now, the IGES study to a further conclusion: That a pharmacist had dispensed a different drug than the discount medicines, is most often, if a discount was entered into agreements with a single manufacturer. About 60 percent of the prescriptions, the pharmacist, in the year of 2017 with regard to inability to Supply were made, came from such an exclusive agreement. For some drugs, the proportion was even higher at around 90 percent. There existed, however, two or three discount partner, were affected only 27 per cent of the regulations. Pro generics, managing Director Bork Bretthauer criticised the fact that the Problem of not-available drugs is often played down: "Some health insurance companies indicate that the share of non-available agents spent just 0.6 percent. Our study shows, however, that it ran especially in exclusive contracts to more out of the cases."

Pharmacist ask zügiges Act

To combat the shortages of medicines, on the Executive Board of the ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V. on a Eight-points-agreed catalogue. "The shortage of supply in the pharmacies to take on ever greater proportions an", ABDA-President Friedemann Schmidt says. The time and organizational effort for a pharmacist to obtain an alternative medication or to consult with the doctor, was only one side of the problem. "When patients are faced with constantly changing products, or other active ingredient will have to be converted, which leads to great uncertainty and the treatment outcome verschlechtern&quot can;, Schmidt says. The pharmacist on call policy and the economy, therefore, is to change the environment quickly so that supply is guaranteed safety.


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