Man complains for months about headaches. The reason is that a tapeworm in the brain was

Strong headache and fainting of a man from Austin, Texas, had a frightening reason: a tape-worm. Last year, the man complained about “terrible headaches”, later, he was at a football game unconscious, such as, among other things, the newspaper “Fort Worth Star-Telegram” reported.

Doctors examined the man. An MRI brought the patients and the Physicians, the certainty of it: It is a tape worm found in the brain of the man. The Doctors called the case “rare and exceptional”, so CBS Austin.

OP in India

Doctors pull two-Meter-long tape worm from the mouth of a patient

Tapeworm can take years to discover

“This can take years to discover, so you can eat a microscopically small Egg of the tapeworm is a larva, and it take years to notice,” said the neurosurgeon, Dr. Jordan Amadio, according to the newspaper.

The TV station ABC7 the man about his Suffering, said: “It is very intense, very strong, because it made me sweat, sweat, pain and … pain in the head, and then I would vomit from the pain.”

The Doctors were able to remove in one Operation the parasite. The man recovering from surgery. According to the Doctors, the Patient could have contracted the tapeworm in Mexico, as he had eaten there more than ten years ago was not properly cooked meat.

Infections due to non-cooked meat

The U.S. centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) indicates that a tape worm infection can be done by eating not properly cooked or fried meat. Symptoms such as digestive problems, loss of appetite, stomach pain, or weight loss may be low or not occur.

According to the CDC, would be reported in the U.S. annually, about 1,000 cases of tape worm infections. To determine an exact number of cases is difficult. The Robert Koch Institute estimated that there were in Germany in the year 2018 a total of 139 cases of a so-called Echinococcosis, an infection with a tapeworm.

Sources: UPI, “Fort Worth Star-Telegram”, CBS Austin, ABC7, Robert Koch-Institute

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