Movement sharpens the memory

The results of a new study shows that seniors who move a lot, your Thinking and memory retention strengths even then, if you have signs of dementia are present. It is irrelevant whether it is the daily Sport or everyday physical work.

People on the move in more, according to the study, better Thinking and memory skills compared to those that moved very little. "We have found that movement is an important Reserve for maintaining Thinking and memory ability, when signs of dementia in the brain sind", study author Aron S. buchmann of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago says. According to him, physical activity is the difference of eight percent of Thinking and memory tests is responsible. This effect was independent of the presence of a dementia.

"Movement is a cost-effective way to improve health, and our study shows that you have a protective effect on the brain kann", so here it is, ladies. Of the 454 surveyed seniors 191 were diagnosed with dementia. All study participants received regular physical Training, and took part once a year on Tests for Thinking and memory. Their physical activity was measured over seven days. The results showed that individuals without dementia were in the medium to 180,000 activity points, while dementia is only 130,000 points sick.