My Doctors and I were surprised: Susanne Fröhlich swears by fasting

The best-selling author Susanne Fröhlich fasts for health reasons. “I started fasting many years ago, to get my rheumatism in the handle,” said the 56-Year-old, the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. “I couldn’t make a Sport more and my arms no longer carefree move.” First of all, she had been skeptical if it would help her. “My Doctors and I were surprised how good the hit.” Cheerful from your experience of a book (“Happy fasting!”) made for your former Partner Gert Scobel fasted. “My Ex has even fasted just for the second Time, because he found the experience so great.”

Merry swears by the healing method of fasting according to the strict Buchinger -. It takes only tea, water, juices and vegetable broth. You can now gone back to Jogging and rheumatoid factors in the blood, said Cheerfully. “I fast once or twice a year, and since then I have never had more pain in the hip and the shoulder.” Between the treatments you have to take three to four kilograms.

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To be the beginning of the almost cures a great Horror, confessed to the author, who loves to eat, and in 2004, the best-selling book “fat-Me” landed. “If you are afraid of something, really, you’re not surprised afterwards that it was not as bad as you thought.” Gained lean figure was, however, less important: “to be Slim is not to be happy.”

Also in the current “Gala”, according to the Cheerful 66 kg and 1.74 meters body size weighs, saith the author, via fasting and her weight: “My weight is not a factor for happiness. I’m happy when the people I love, well, if I have a lot of social contacts. What should I weigh 58 pounds?”