Probably had bad luck: the Italians had to three times in a Corona-quarantine

Involuntary Déjà-vu: An Italian became during the Corona pandemic to the right of the quarantine Pro.

Three times he had been due to the Virus now isolated, says Lorenzo Di Berardino, the German press Agency on the phone – first of all, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, as the returnees in Italy and then in his particularly of the spread of the affected home. “I suppose I had kind of bad luck,” commented the 22-Year-old.


Italy alone at home – so the people live in the Isolation

Lockdown shortly before his departure from Wuhan,

Of all people in Wuhan, from where the Virus Sars-CoV-2 spread in the world, held the Student at the beginning of the year for a multi-month exchange program. A few days before his scheduled departure, the city was on lockdown. “Wuhan has been completely sealed off, with army roadblocks. The people took this very seriously, much more seriously than here in Italy, at least initially,” he says.

Without suspecting that the own country is Similar to before, interviewed by the Italian media at the end of January the country man, on the situation in the restricted area.

Suspicious looks in the home

At the beginning of February, the Italian air force flew him and other citizens from the Region. As a returnee, he had to for 17 days in the army barracks, near Rome, in quarantine. As he on 20. February returned to his home in the center of the country, have watched some of the locals are suspicious, says Di Berardino. On the same day, Italy’s first locally transmitted Corona was discovered in the city of Codogno. 10. March ordered the government to closures and curfews for the entire country.

Since then, Di Berardino continued his law studies online from home. The first loosening in the beginning of may have not changed much. His view of the arranged in the Lock that followed him practically around the globe? “We need to do just that, whether we like it or not.”

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