Rich pensioners are living longer – especially in the West

How long seniors can enjoy their retirement, also depends on how high the monthly salary be. Wealthy pensioners the life of a new analysis shows that in the Mediterranean much longer than men with lower pensions, on average, there are more than five years, shows analysis of the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research in Rostock, Germany.

The researchers evaluated the data of the German pension insurance (DRV) from 1997 to 2016. Then they divided the male pensioners in the five income groups. A crucial factor is the Pension, had collected the men until then. The average pension for men is currently at 1329 Euro gross.

Differences between the East and the West

Although the life expectancy grew in the last years in all income strata, opened the gap between the Poor and the rich: In high-income groups has increased almost twice as fast as in the group with the lowest income. In 1997, the gap was still around three years. “Especially for people at the lower end of the social and economic hierarchy, the life expectancy is not increased in the age of 65 last significantly slower in the West even since about 2007, almost even,” said the study’s lead author, Georg Time.

The analysis also shows how the number of people in the different income groups changed with time. Thus, the share of pensioners in the East rose with the lowest income 20 per cent in the year 2005 to 2016, to 36 percent, while the distribution in the West remained virtually the same.

“In East Germany, many were able to accumulate a pensioner, only a few pension points, as they were long employed time unemployed or, in particular, in recent years slightly,” said the authors. Also, if the socio-deteriorating economic Situation later in life, this could have a significant impact on life expectancy, they conclude.

Why low wages and, later, pensions are associated with a shorter life, have not been analyzed, the Rostock researchers. However, previous studies had shown a link between income and life expectancy.

Those who earn little, often have less favorable life circumstances, said Hajo Zeeb from the Bremer Leibniz-Institute for prevention research and epidemiology (Bips). “Low income leads to the fact that you live in regions that are disadvantaged, for example by noise or dirt.” Also, other factors such as lower education levels, unhealthy Work, Obesity, Smoking and alcohol have an effect. “

Because the evaluation of the DRV data is so complicated, had been investigated, the life expectancy according to social criteria, so far, rarely, stated the authors of the Study. The Zeeb confirmed: “We are poorly positioned in terms of social status and causes of death.”