So easy, you can make sure that the prostate stays healthy

The prostate, ill only the fertility of the man is not suffering. It can also lead to incontinence and other complaints. On FOCUS Online experts give tips on how to keep your prostate healthy. Because there are easy methods.

The prostate is the bladder is a four-centimeter-sized gland below the urinary. It produces part of the seminal fluid that transports the sperm. The Organ is diseased or enlarged, can occur a large number of complaints. It presses around the urethra, the to incontinence, problems with urination, and erectile dysfunction.

Phytochemicals and pumpkin seeds for the prostate

In order to keep the prostate healthy, recommends physicians Dietrich Grönemeyer, a vegetarian or even a vegan diet. That meat of the prostate can damage, suggest several studies. However it is still unclear whether it is specifically the meat, or the General nutrition of meat-lovers to blame.

“The high consumption of red meat appears to increase the risk, but in many of the studies tend to indicate that the participants feed on the whole, very rich,” says the German cancer information service. No special Benefits for the prostate, according to the experts, tomatoes or extracts from pomegranate juice, even if some of the commercials promise the opposite.

Grönemeyer advises substances in addition to secondary plant, the “very strong anti-inflammatory effect”. You are stuck, especially in vegetables, fruits, potatoes, legumes, nuts and whole grain products. From prostate cancer these foods are not, however, stresses the German cancer information service.

Another tip from the doctor: “pumpkin seeds help shrink an enlarged prostate.”

Comfortable office chair, comfortable Bicycle saddle

Prolonged Sitting is damaging to the body. If the seat presses uncomfortably, suffering from the prostate. Because strong pressure on the perineum, inflammation promotes. Men should therefore pay attention to a comfortable seat and Cycling a soft, well-fitted saddle.

An inflammation of the prostate, called Prostatitis, is a well-known symptoms in bike riders, says Frank Sommer, University Professor for men’s health. Prostatitis manifests itself in complaints to the water unpleasant pressure, feelings, Pull, pain, or erectile dysfunction, but may also extend completely unobtrusive.

If left untreated, the inflammation can lead to prostate cancer. The expert warns: “Cycling men who have had a Prostatitis have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer.”

Regular Checkups

From the age of 45 men have once-a-year opportunity to let your prostate to cost the insurance company to investigate. After a detailed preliminary talk, the doctor scans the rectum. To do this, he takes the index finger a few centimeters above the rectum to the prostate.

So, the doctor detects if the prostate is enlarged or hardened. Painful the procedure is not the normal case.