Sports brings in the men-brain on its toes

Physical Fitness is especially in the age on brain function. New results have shown that in older adults, however, gender differences: men had a significantly greater correlation between Fitness and brain function.

Using brain scans, the researchers measured worked, how efficiently certain networks in the brain of the study participants. These networks contribute to, to be attentive and focused, as well as to organize time. A high cardio-respiratory fitness level was associated with better efficiency of these networks. In men, this training effect was more pronounced than in women. However, women, in terms of the fundamental efficiency of these networks had the nose in front. You could, however, increase your brain power through physical Training.

The cardio-respiratory Fitness is a measure of how efficiently oxygen in sports to the muscles is released. She was already had previously been associated with changes in the nervous tissue of the brain and better brain function in later life. In previous studies, it was also found that the cardio-depends-respiratory Fitness with the functioning of the brain during periods of rest, which varies with the age and the efficiency of the brain can negatively affect. The research team, the results of which were published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, examined two gender-separate groups with men and women at an average age of 67 years. They identified their cardio-respiratory Fitness and performed brain scans to measure the nerve function within certain brain networks as a whole.