Statistics show: young people spread the Virus, the old die

By now it should have everyone belongs: In the current crisis situation around the spread of the Coronavirus, it is particularly important to stay as often as possible at home and his social contacts as possible. Of these, doctors expect that fewer people will be infected with the novel Virus.

Most particularly, these prompts are aimed at young people. Why, the Numbers from South Korea show. From the test results, and mortality rates indicate that it is mainly people under 30, who are being infected with Coronavirus and other people infected. You can even survive the infection, but usually without problems. Much worse is the Virus is for the older Generation, the infection is Among the death victims, especially people over 60 years.

Young people are socially very active – and thus a risk

The Epidemologe Eric Feigl has pointed out-thing of the American Elite Harvard University on Twitter. His Numbers come from Reports by the Korean center for disease control and prevention, which compare the situation in Italy and South Korea. In South Korea, so far there are just over 8000 infections, 81 deaths associated with the Coronavirus in connection.


In times of Corona: What we observe when dealing with older people should

According to the statistics, the largest cohort in the Affected group are of the Infected 29.9 percent between 20 and 29 years. Only 21 percent are older than 60. You look cases, however, the age distribution in the case of the death, shows the exact opposite image. Not a single Infected under 30 years of age died on the Covid-19 (in almost 3000 cases at the time of the study). Even up to the age of 59 years, there are cases with only eight deaths.

Coronavirus in South Korea: 88 percent of the dead are 60 or older

In the age classes above the deaths to rise sharply. 88 percent of the dead died at the age of 60 years or older. 37.3 percent were between 70 and 79 years old, a third are older than 80. The Numbers from South Korea to apply according to the opinion of Feigl-Ding as particularly meaningful, because there, across the Board, people with weak symptoms were tested – unlike, for example, in Italy.

The statistics thus leads to the conclusion: The young people spread the Virus, the old die. Younger people usually have an active lifestyle, you travel, go to events, are socially involved. You will have contact to many other people, and run so on the one hand, the risk of self-plugging, on the other hand, then the Virus to others. You but Covid-19 can’t touch even if the infection is of little help. A lot of younger people don’t even notice symptoms.

Dramatically, it is however, if you give the Virus to people from the so-called risk group: older people or people with pre-existing conditions. Here it is often a more severe disease and even death. Feigl-Ding is alarmed in view of this distribution: “A Virus that kills quickly, it also disappears faster. But a Virus has a long incubation time, it is also without symptoms contagious, its slowly kills and for the largest demographic group of the carrier (young people) relatively mild – this Virus will conquer the world.”

Source: Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter

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