Stiftung Warentest: the best protein powder

Proteins were interested in the past only bodybuilders and power athletes. Since a couple of years, but are considered to be a new miracle cure and be added to yoghurts, bread and even ice cream added. In the meantime, large doses associated with protein powder even lined up in the drugstores. In larger cities, there are even shops that specialize in protein shakes. No wonder: according to the survey, every fifth German citizens regularly drink protein shakes.

But good for the powder a bit? For whom is it worthwhile at all? The independent Stiftung Warentest has tested 21 specimens in the laboratory. The good news is that none of the pharmaceuticals were found pharmacologically active substances, such as anabolic steroids, the Doping Test have passed all. Four powders were loaded with pollutants, including aluminum and Nickel.

Protein powder: a Concern for kidney patients

First of all, the scientific categorisation: Necessary protein shakes are only for the minority of people, so test, most meet the demand for protein is sufficient through your diet. In order to make muscles grow, should you move instead to more. Although the average amount of 23 grams of protein per Shake for Healthy is not a problem, as a side effect, you could put on the hips. However, a lot of urea, which could strain the kidneys people with kidney disease, in addition, arises from the degradation of protein, experts warn. “You should avoid powder in General.”

The differences between the protein powders, especially in the case of the Declaration, especially in the Aroma. Conclusion-notes in the Foundation were not distributed to the test this time, because most of the athletes are in need of these products, but this will only recommended for a specific target group.

Protein powder: These brands are recommended

Has been tested by each manufacturer and the version with a vanilla taste. The best protein quality (grade: 1,0) in the Test Power System, “Protein 90 for more muscle mass, Bourbon vanilla taste”, the price is 15 euros per 660-gram Box and 2.27 euros per 100 grams in the lower frame. However, it truncates the pollutant Test with a “Satisfactory” (grade: 2,7). This is not a concern, but anything other than ideal. The microbiological quality was very good. The taste was slightly bohnig with caramel notes.

Very good protein quality and a good result in the pollutant-Test the “protein 100 vanilla flavor” from Megamax. It tastes “strongly of vanillin sugar”, but it is very sweet, so the Tester. With 4.75 euros per 100 grams, but it is also one of the most expensive.

Weider “Protein 80 Plus Vanilla Flavour” (3.20 euros per 100 grams), also has the Bank performed well: The protein quality is very good, in the case of harmful substances, microbiological quality and sensory judgment, there’s a “good”.

Of the four powders, the goods, advise the tester, including Bio Planète “athlete hero Protein powder vegan”. With 4,85 euros, it is one of the most expensive, in the pollutant-Test it, however, with a 5.0. Also 90 Neutral”, the house brand from Rossmann, it is not recommended “Wellmix sport protein. This is a very good protein quality, although, but only a “Sufficient” in the pollutant Test.

The full Test of all the protein powder gives it against fee

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