It all starts when the professional athlete is with his Team on a training trip. After he has taken a meal, he is evil, he developed slight diarrhea and a fever – run of the mill problems. Nevertheless, the 18-Year-old comes into the emergency Department to his complaints. The Doctors keys to his belly, making CT images. Five hours later, they send him without finding back to the Hotel.

During the following two weeks, it looks as if the doctors were right. Abdominal pain, fever and diarrhea disappear, remains only a slight Nausea. The 18-Year-old feels fit enough to travel with his Team again, he trained, albeit with less intensity. Then, however, the pain returns, radiation to the right lower quarter of the abdomen in the back.

The chair of the 18-Year-old blood accumulates, its body temperature rises to 39.7 degrees, the appetite disappears. Because the complaints are persistent, the athlete a few days later in the emergency room of a US hospital.

Pain, Loss Of Appetite

The Doctors check the athletes again. On Palpation of the abdomen, he reacts to the pain in sensitive. Apart from that, the fabric feels soft and healthy. The blood values are normal. Only the heart is racing a little. The doctors can MRI images of abdomen and pelvis to make to take a look at the organs. Nothing indicates an emergency. You can send the 18-Year-old back to the Hotel.

A few days later, but the condition of the man is deteriorating rapidly, as physicians at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the “New England Journal of Medicine” reports. Actually, the athletes are to appear in the evening to a colonoscopy, because his problems are still not laid. He takes the necessary laxative. Subsequently, however, large amounts of blood for a swim in the toilet. He suffers from chills, his stomach pain increased. Alarmed, the man is calling his team doctor. The sends him again to the emergency room. It is the third Time in three weeks.

Upon his arrival, the athlete acts in a daze. The physicians, it is striking that a lymph node in the right groin increased – an indication of an infection. You take the man’s blood and send it along with stool samples to the lab, to search for pathogens.

40,6 Grade Fever

In the evening the fever exceeds the 40-degree mark, the muscles of the man stiffen. He acts confused, the pulse races. The Doctors assume that the 18-Year-old suffers from a severe infection. Without knowing the exact cause, give him two antibiotics – one that acts primarily against bacteria, and one that also fights against parasites. Then the lab reports.

In the blood samples of Klebsiella Pneumoniae, which occur naturally in the digestive tract, and the most common pathogens of dangerous bacterial count in the bloodstream are actually grown rods bacteria. Despite the antibiotics, the fever is rising the next day, the value reaches up to 40.6 degrees. Again, the muscles of the man stiffen.

As part of a new CT-scans have provided no evidence of a disease, the Doctors for a colonoscopy. Buttons with a small camera in the body of the man before, after a short time, the blood obscured the image. As the doctors wash away the liquid, you will finally realize what torments for a simple and yet life-threatening Problem to the man. At the end of the colon, 25 cm from the Anus removed, I inserted a wooden toothpick.

Swallowed toothpick: Ten percent end in death

Foreign bodies such as toothpicks, fish bones or bone pieces cause wounds in the intestine. It is typical that the Affected suspect, where your Problem is coming: “The majority of patients with bowel injury by a foreign body can not remember to have swallowed”, – stated in the case report.

The risk for complications is poking around in the case of swallowed dental is extremely high. In an evaluation of 136 cases, punctured the woods in 79 percent of cases, the intestinal wall, in ten percent of the cases they led to death.

Since the circulation of the patient is stable, decide the doctors to remove the toothpick directly – with serious consequences. After you pull the sticks from the tissues, passes the blood pulsating in the intestine. Immediately, the Doctors try to close the wound with Clips, the bleeding remains.

Spare part from the leg

In a hurry, the doctors push their patients in the OP. On x-ray images shows that this is one of the most important vessels in the body hurt. The blood flows from the right common iliac artery in the colon. The approximately one inch thickness of vessel supplies the organs in the pelvis and branched, then in the legs. The 18-Year-old’s life is in danger.

The Doctors open the ceiling his stomach, to repair the intestine. The injured part of the vessel, but a piece of about three centimeters – you can’t save. The surgical part need a replacement, in order to close the gap. Refer the athlete to a vein from the leg, which can be devoid of the body in the abdominal area.

Despite the enormous complications of the 18 recovered-Year-old quickly. About a week after the surgery, he can leave the hospital. The first six weeks is limited to be a rehabilitation program while on walks. But then vessels and bowel are healed so that he can start with Aqua and Ergometer Training. It Jogging units, Sprints, and weight training to follow. Seven months after the toothpick incident, the 18-Year-old made it: He returns in the professional sport.