The Eight-hour diet is good

As a student, I wanted to lose two pounds and started a diet. But I couldn’t stick to it, and my thoughts revolved constantly around food. It ended up that I more weight than before. Since then, I make a bow to all declining plans. I prefer to arrange me with a few pounds too much.

So why I have I would now be tempted to follow the latest decreasing trend, which has been floating around the Internet? Because the “Eight-hour-diet”, such as the Fitness author David Zinczenko called the principle, nothing to do with calorie counting has. Rather, it is a window of time for dinner: It extends the time in which you eat at night, nothing, to 16 hours, and takes only within eight hours of food, but then according to your taste. Because more and more studies suggest that it is important not only what we eat, but also when.

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Breaks are good

Furore a test on mice that have been fattened with a particularly fat-rich food has made in the past year. While a group could eat around the clock, was offered to the other food only for eight hours. Although the total amount of calories was the same, the differences between the two groups after 100 days amazingly: The time eater had become fat and had at the end of a high blood sugar, high cholesterol and liver damage. The does not constantly feed the rodents but waves not only in the average, a full quarter less, but survived the Mast without damage to your health. From this, the scientists of the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, concluded a long break between meals can apparently compensate for the effects of a calorie-rich diet.

This is not the only advantage of the “intermittent fasting” – the temporary renunciation of food is – brings. Studies have shown that Fasting animals live longer, by about 30 percent. And the breaks from eating to keep not only the body but also the mind fit. “Fast cells acts on nerves similar to the workout on muscle cells,” says neuroscientist Mark Mattson, of the researched in Baltimore in the aging process. “It is a slight Form of Stress. The cells respond with adaptation processes and work better.” Fasting prevents degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and leads to increased BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) is formed, a substance that nerve cells can sprout.

The more light, the more sugar sick

However, most of this research is based try results on animals, and human beings are not mice. Their metabolism is much faster. No one knows how much hours of food deprivation corresponds to the case of the people to the 16 hours of fasting, the experimental mice. Traditional fasting’t take maybe for no reason at least five days. In addition, the majority of animal based experiments on longer periods of food deprivation. The biochemist Valter Longo, of the cancer and aging processes, experiment with periods of Starvation of 48 hours. In other studies, the test animals were given every second day, food – starved for 24 hours. This alternating fasting (alternating one day of normal eating, to take the next a maximum of 500 kilo calories) has proven successful in the first Try with obese US citizens: The participants decreased substantially, blood pressure, blood fats and inflammation values have improved, even if they ate their “normal” days of Fast Food.

To starve every second day, I can’t imagine. However, foregoing dinner or Breakfast can work miracles? “16 hours are quite short,” says Andreas Michalsen, chief physician at the Immanuel hospital in Berlin, followed the research closely. “Most likely, you will not learn all of the documented benefits of fasting.” Nevertheless, an attempt was recommended. “For a long time taking a break from eating well, that much is clear. 16 hours fasting is better than to eat constantly.”

Long periods without food intake had previously been commonplace, says Satchidananda Panda, who led the trials with Mice at the Salk Institute, the body is adapted to it. Earlier, the food intake with the onset of darkness ended, today, we often go out late on the fridge and a few hours later, there is again Breakfast. Panda believes that the expansion of the “feeding times” to the obesity epidemic beige bear. He illustrates the connection to a graph, the nightly light and Diabetes Rates in the United States shows: the more light, the more sugar sick.

Fat burning promote

As long as food is supplied, stores the body fat in the fat cells and in the liver. Only after a long Pause, he begins to burn stored fat. Then the production of glucose and cholesterol, as well as the insulin secretion is shut down, relieves the liver. Inflammatory reactions to remove, repair processes. There’s also more growth hormones are released that promote muscle build-up, is fasting intermittent in bodybuilder circles is propagated.

Regularly to Breakfast, to conclude Zinczenko and other Fitness Gurus, means, not to miss every Morning is a Chance Because the calls would be stopped fat combustion abruptly. On slides, however, the first meal, more over the fat combustion. Movement, or a cold shower to roll in addition.

To eat in the morning, nothing makes me nothing. But to forego my tea is hard for me. Would not be as coffee – but without the milk both tastes to me, and milk sugar inhibits, like all of the sugar, the fat combustion. I get a pure Mate. The first few days growling to me, eleven out of the stomach. But the more I try to stay until noon sober, the easier it will be for me. Apparently, my body adjusts to fat burning.

The body gets used to periods without food

Four months, I have kept the “Eight-hour diet” by, however, only moderately consistent: Often, the break was not 16, but only 15 or 14 hours long. It was not that bad, calm Zinczenko. The body’s benefit anyway.

The result of this small self-experiment: cravings and the Jieper for Sweets have decreased. My body has gotten used to better periods without food. I can a lot of hours and feel good about it. The pants sit looser, the belt I can strap two holes tighter. Much weight I’ve lost three pounds. After all. The Trend upward is stopped.

Zinczenko had promised more – and enthusiastic voices on the Internet, give it to him right: “Six pound in eight days”, said one; “40 pounds in four months”, “It works!”, others have to say. Only a few will be nagged: “In the six weeks, in which I and my wife have adhered to the instructions, we have increased both of them.”

Michalsen is no surprise, different experiences: “If one uses the waiver on the Breakfast to reduce overall calories, it can work. If you don’t hit in the allowed time, twice, more.” Caught in the act: Probably, I haven’t eaten in the eight hours is just too much.

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