The first thing a young man after his 18. Birthday do: get vaccinated

Opponents make decisions for their children, they cannot influence yet. Many vaccinations are already in the age of a few years or even months, in order to protect people from diseases. Who denied his children, however, these vaccinations because he thinks it’s not necessary or even harmful, may cause his descendants as a damage for your entire life.

The mother of Ethan Linden Berger Impfgegnerin said. Their first two children, was the wife of Norwalk in the U.S. state of Ohio still vaccinate, but then she developed more and more distrust and even opposition to the pharmaceutical industry and government. Their third child, Ethan, got no vaccinations. Now, Ethan has his 18. Birthday is celebrated and you can decide for yourself – and you can finally vaccinate.

First vaccinations with the age of 18 years

“God knows how I’m even alive,” wrote Ethan two months ago on Reddit. On the platform he wanted to get tips on where he could be the vaccinations the best. After all, everyone was missing him immune protection against measles, Hepatitis, Polio and other diseases, which can be in the absence of Vaccination for adults in the worst case, even fatal. His parents believed that vaccinations were part of a government conspiracy. He had never someone to talk about the issue, so he’s looking for advice on the Internet. In the Thread several young people told that to them as well.

His parents are still strongly opposed to it, but Ethan has formed his own opinion. “As I was busy with himself, it was clear to me very quickly that there are much more arguments for vaccines than against it,” he told the US radio station NPR. His mother, he could not convince: “they just said: ‘This is what they want you to believe.'” You have not perceived his opinion rather than youthful Rebellion, it was primarily to the health of your son. So Ethan up to his 18. Birthday wait.

For the mother, “a slap in the face”

Meanwhile, Ethan has received his first vaccinations. His mother is an open Affront: “It was as if he had spat on me,” she told the magazine “Undark” and described the decision of her son as a “slap in the face”. His father, the skepticism of the mother, accept parts in principle, but his opinion, reported Ethan.

His two younger siblings, 16 and 14 years old, growing up without Vaccinations. And here, too, a crack goes through the family: The 16-year-old brother was “in the Moment, he is 18” to vaccinate, told Ethan, while his 14-year-old sister “from the bottom of my heart with my mother agrees”.

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