The wrong track: How a small camera of a woman saved the life of

Diarrhea and vomiting – with these symptoms, an older woman from the Egypt-holiday is coming back. The Doctors tap to a gastro-intestinal infection, as it occurs in southern countries. The patient receives a diet and antibiotics prescribed.

However, the complaints do not disappear.

Four weeks after the first doctor’s appointment, the lady is looking for a new practice. The investigations are now better targeted. A Doctor examines the abdomen with ultrasound, can be stool samples control and a gastroscopy to make. However, these Tests do not provide clues as to the cause.

The diarrhea is improving gradually. Only the vomiting does not disappear. The condition of the woman deteriorated rapidly. She has now lost 18 kilograms; you need to be in a hospital. The clinic doctors tap on “psychogenes vomiting” – a misdiagnosis, as it turns out.

A special investigation, to save the old lady’s life, after all. The case of the patient shows once again that Even behind seemingly banal symptoms, serious can Suffer from stuck. It is worth twice a look.

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