Virologist, Streeck: Expect that there will be a second, third wave

A return to the everyday life in front of the Coronavirus – the wish for many people. In the ZDF talk show “Maybrit Illner” dampened the virologist Hendrik Streeck, however, the hopes: “I think we need to abandon this idea that we can get rid of the Virus somehow completely out of society,” said Streeck on Thursday evening. “It is there, it will remain, and it will be part of our everyday life and we need to start confidently to deal with it.”

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Streeck Director of the Institute for Virology at the Universitätsklinikum Bonn and is the head of the so-called Heinsberg study. In his view, the Virus will flare up in the future and to increasing Infection. “I expect that there will be a second, third wave,” says Streeck. This continuous “On – and Abwabern” is generally typical of all corona viruses.

With Hotspots, most recently in Gütersloh always be expecting again, said the virologist. The Virus had to be contained. Streeck expressed the desire to have a “centrally controlled reaction Force” to control these local outbreaks. The virologist brought the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the German Red cross to the conversation.

Hope for vaccine is “attached”

Currently, several vaccines are against the Coronavirus in clinical Tests. It could be that “relatively quickly,” a vaccine will be found, as Streeck. Ultimately, the know-it-but-still-none. “The hope is, of course, but prediction is untrustworthy.” The virologist referred to a number of infectious diseases against which there is no vaccine, although hard, research, including Malaria and HIV.

Streeck warned, therefore, about to put great hopes on a “cure-all”, such as a vaccine or a drug. Instead, he urged: “We don’t ‘need to regain the sovereignty that our everyday life is to Corona, but Corona’ will be.”

The full broadcast here, you can look again.

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