What Sport you may take to lower your colorectal cancer risk significantly

The causes of colorectal cancer are not yet fully known. Australian researchers have now found that Sport can reduce the risk – a very specific sports.

With sports the growth of colorectal cancer cells reduce. This is evidenced by a study in the journal "The Journal of Physiology" was published. Accordingly, it was found after High Intensity interval Training (HIIT), that the growth of the cells decreased, at the same time, the inflammatory markers increased.

Interval training with Cycling, Jogging and Swimming

It showed that four times four minutes of Cycling at a high load, followed by three minutes of active recovery led to better results than 50 minutes of Cycling at a moderate load. Jogging, Swimming and Boxing, sports that were tested as a HIIT Intervention so far in the studies. To include a popular HIIT-disciplines of Bodyweight Exercises where your own body weight is also worked.

The high-intensity interval training is known to burn particularly effective calories and the metabolism anzukrubeln. While HIIT is intense, grueling stages with the fashion alternate rates Slots or breaks. To Jog, so instead of always at the same pace, is running with a load of 85 to 100 percent of the maximum heart rate, followed by Go with a heart rate of 40 to 50 percent. The Trick to the intervals is that the body requires in the intense frequencies more oxygen than it can produce. After the Training, he is forced, therefore, to make up for – and thus, the metabolism is stimulated strengthened.

The diagnosis of colorectal cancer means for patients is not only an emotional break down, but often also a financial. Who wants to support patients, you can donate to the following account:

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For more information, please refer to this Link. The Felix Burda Foundation with headquarters in Munich was founded in 2001 by Dr. Christa Maar and the publisher Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda and bears the name of its 2001 cancer of the colon, deceased son.

The Foundation is dedicated exclusively to the prevention of colon cancer and is today one of the most well-known, non-profit institutions in the German Health Community.

HIIT is more effective than moderate Training

The effect of regular exercise is widely recognised, both as a preventive measure, as well as in the area of complementary medicine. This study goes a step further. "The results show that a single HIIT Session can reduce the number of cells, during Exercises in moderate intensity no impact hatten", Tina Skinner from the University of Queensland (Australia) said.

HIIT is already for some time the focus of Australian researchers. They investigate the effect of intense Training as a supportive measure in the fight against cancer. Study leader James Devin underlines the importance of regular Training, he is expected, however, that already a single HIIT Sessions. The body is exposed to repeated measurements of the intensive Training, could support the physiological effects of HIIT in the fight against cancer.

"We were able to show that Training could play a role in beeinflussen&quot the growth of colorectal cancer cells;, so Devin. "After a session of HIIT special Inflammation increased, from which one assumes that they are involved in the reduction of the number of cancer cells." An active lifestyle can help to combat tumors in the intestine. In follow-up studies will now be found out as it comes to the changes in growth.

How intense the former cancer patients should do some exercise?

In the study, together with the University of Waterloo (Canada), completed a former colon cancer patient, the intensive Training. A group participated in a single HIIT Session, the other group of twelve over a period of four weeks. After the one or after the end of the four weeks, the participants blood was taken off and the cell growth measured. Since the growth under laboratory conditions, differs strongly from the growth in the body, further studies are necessary in order to transmit the result of tumors in the human body.

The results of the traditional view is contrary to the way that former cancer patients are not to spend too much, but Walking or Yoga better to do.