What to note in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in vaccinations

Those who suffer from rheumatism, you must pay particular attention to his Vaccination, because both the disease itself and the treatment can weaken the immune system. There is a lot to consider so that the vaccination acts and that there are no infections. Members should take all of the vaccinations so that they do not transmit diseases to rheumatism patients.

Experts have published on the Initiative of the Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) advice for people with autoimmune diseases, including rheumatism. The experts recommend not only the patients, but also children and adolescents as well as families, all of the recommended vaccinations to perceive.

In the case of rheumatoid patients, there are some specificities: In the case of a vaccination, the immune system anti-body has to make. If the immune system is weakened by the disease, the under the circumstances, but not well enough. Many rheumatism patients also receive immunosuppressive drugs to prevent progression of joint destruction by inhibiting the immune system. "Some of the potent immunosuppressive agents, the ability of the immune system for antibody formation may be restricted so that no protective effect wird", Professor Hendrik Schulze-Koops, President of the German society of rheumatology and head of the rheumatology unit at the hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich explained. It is important, therefore, vaccination before the start of treatment to perform.

Live vaccines, the attenuated pathogens are particularly critical, because, while Healthy, have no problems, it can occur in people with a weak immune system to an infection. Live vaccines are against rotavirus, or as a combination against measles, Mumps and

  • Rubella used. Who was vaccinated as a child against these diseases, usually has a life-long Immunisation and need’t worry about it, if inflammatory-rheumatic diseases occur in a later age.