What would you choose, the carrot or chocolate bar?

For what food we choose depends on the context in which it is presented: we Have to take a choice between a carrot and a candy bar, we tend to the bar. The carrot, however, is alone among unhealthy foods, looks different.

When hungry, study participants had the choice between a healthy and an unhealthy food, for example biscuits or salmon, then you decided to frequent for the unhealthy option. Both choice were combined possibilities with another unhealthy food, such as salmon and biscuit, or biscuit, and chocolate bar, the participants have decided, twice as often for the Option with the salmon. The authors of the study assume that the healthy food in the second Experiment, was alone among the unhealthy, and therefore pay more attention to. The analysis of the eye movements of language.

They speculate that a change in the arrangement of food in shops could have positive effects: "When people see a wall of cabbage and broccoli, it is very attractive. Currently, the food are separated: Here fruits and vegetables are, the chocolate bar. But if we put something Healthy in the middle of the shelf with the sweets, this could get people maybe to select it," so the author of the Study Nicolette Sullivan.

Since Overweight and obesity are on the increase, the authors of the study, the question of which factors influence the choice of food. For this, they invited 79 young adults who had previously eaten four hours. Then they put you before a choice of healthy and unhealthy foods in different combinations.