When brown spots on the skin harmless – and when you are sick

Many spots on our skin are just a cosmetic issue. It is freckles or a harmless moles. However, sometimes, Serious is behind it. Next to skin cancer, also liver diseases or venous insufficiency to blame for the pigment disorder.

Healthy babies have a flawless smooth skin. Freckles, moles or liver spots only in the course of the years, with age, the brown spots are even more and more. It is not cancer, if you discover a new dark spot on the body.

The most harmless spots on the skin pigmentation disorders, caused by a surplus of melanin production was.

Examples for harmless pigmentation disorders:

  • Fair-skinned people then often have many freckles.
  • In younger women call hormones a brown coloring on the forehead, cheeks or around the mouth, the so-called Melasma. It is created when taking the contraceptive pill or during pregnancy and fades.
  • Age spots, especially on the face and on the back of the hand, by many years in the sun is encouraged. They remain permanently.
  • Scarred Haut retains is often a dark pigmentation.
  • Some drugs stimulate the production of melanin, such as St. John’s wort, the sensitivity to light increases. Then it comes to pigmented spots on sun exposed skin (face, hands, décolleté).
  • Even metabolic diseases can to a darker discoloration of the skin, about a disease of the liver. The are, however, fewer patches than large-scale discoloration.

Birthmarks and liver spots can degenerate

A health risk, however, is the liver spots and birthmarks. You can change with the times and develop a Tumor. Growing old Changes suddenly, or changes its interface, should check with a skin doctor if it might be the beginning of skin cancer. People with many moles or liver spots should have their skin regularly under the microscope. The dangerous black skin can prevent cancer (melanoma) or at least at an early stage and cured are discovered.

Suspicious spots have typical characteristics, but need not occur together:

  • They are suddenly larger.
  • You will be darker.
  • They have an irregular, ragged edge.
  • The surface is rough, scaly, or suddenly sublime.
  • The place itches or hurts.

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And so, you will distinguish the spots on your skin

Pigmentation disorders:

  • in size and shape very different – from freckles to Melasma
  • rather light than dark brown, the color intensified by the sun
  • lift only the colour of the surrounding skin, are never raised or scaly

Birthmark (Nevus):

  • a benign growth of the skin, which is often congenital
  • the most common and most diverse dark changes on the skin
  • reddish to black – brown spots, slightly to distinctly sublime
  • Nevi can be microscopically small or a beer lid to form large surface area
  • often, the individual hairs grow out of it

Liver spot:

  • caused by an accumulation of pigment cells in the skin
  • brown, flat, pinhead – to pea-size, clear edge
  • a stain can form a sublime place
  • Sunlight promotes the production of new liver spots

Dark stains caused by chemical substances:

  • Combination of sun and aromatic substances, such as bergamot oil or tea tree oil – the initial redness of the skin, brownish spots
  • silver-containing substances, for example in anti-bacterial products, can stain the skin a brownish colour, which comes in contact with it

Patches in the case of venous insufficiency:

  • rust-brown spots, which combine to create a larger area
  • around the ankles and the lower legs in the area of veins
  • Cause of chronic venous insufficiency, in consequence of which blood cells enter the skin and disintegrate. The released iron can lead to permanent red-brown discoloration.