Which is crazy

The cream must be to blame, that is the suspicion of the woman. Your problems start shortly after you have switched to a new moisturizing lotion to the olive base. After a few weeks it has without the Lotion, the feeling that a gel-like substance to penetrate your body. Something seems to be sticking on to your skin.

At the same time, 59 know-Year-old, that the feelings have nothing to do with reality. She has applied any cream, your skin is free of sticky substances. The complaints to clarify, looking for the woman for help in an emergency room. There dermatologist inspect your skin. To discover without something, send the wife back home. But the problems remain for months.

Within the following three years, the perception of disturbances driving the woman ten times in an emergency room, the reactions of the Doctors frustrate more and more. The doctors believe that their patient is under the delusion suffers ideas. Several times your doctor will refer the woman to a psychiatrist or psychological services, but she rejects. “I’m not delusional,” she says.

In fact, the patient looks at all of the doctor’s attribution of visit capable. She has never been treated for a mental illness, and only drink occasionally alcohol and takes no psychiatric medications, report Doctors at the University of Cambridge in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”.

Delusions and incontinence?

Over time, the woman develops more and more physical complaints. The perception of back pain. She falls down several times, because her right leg suddenly gives way. The weakness also makes it difficult to Walk. Moreover, you can keep phase, neither stool nor urine. For the first Time, the physicians consider that the patient could have a neurological Problem and the origin in the spinal cord.

Your Suspicions: Cauda-Equina-Syndrome. In the case of disease of the channel for the spinal cord in the lower part of the spine, for example by a slipped band vagina so narrowed that the nerve fibers are squeezed and in worst case damaged. The consequences include, in addition to strong back also perception of pain interference around the thigh and incontinence.

The Doctors will order a MRI of the lumbar spine. The images, however, give the all-clear. Again, the doctors dismiss your patient without an explanation for their problems. As the complaints continue, the woman developed continuous difficulty Urinating, your dexterity decreases, the legs stiffen and strong neck, the onset of pain, she will refer you to a doctor to a neuro-surgical practice.

The woman does not suffer, possibly, but under a disease of the spine, but maybe in the assumed bottom?

Body as a wet, gel-like substance

As the now 62-Year-old arrives in the practice, may you hold your life in your Single-person households is hardly his own master. When you Go, it acts in an uncoordinated manner, her strength in the hands. To reach this point in time, the perception of disorders from the neck down, hands, and groin area are especially affected. Her body felt like a wet, gel-like substance, tells the woman.

The physician to arrange another MRI – this Time of the entire spine. The pictures show what is missing the woman for three years. She actually suffers under an extreme bottleneck in the spinal canal in which the spinal cord passes. The point is, however, not at the lower end of the spine, but quite at the top of the neck.

The spinal cord of the woman is pinched in the neck area extremely.

There is a intervertebral disc that separates two vertebra in the neck of each other bulges, so much Inside that it presses on the spinal cord. A little further down, also in the area of the cervical spine, has slid in a second intervertebral disc in the spinal canal, the bottleneck, however, is comparatively low.

For the Doctors that The patient needs surgery. Using a small section at the front of the neck, the neuro-pathways surgeons to a way to the spine. There, they remove the intervertebral disc, which presses on the spinal cord, and replace them with implants. The woman is recovering well, their wounds heal.

After nine months, the perception has improved, but not disappeared entirely. The woman has gained back the strength in the Hand, you can move your fingers precisely, the bladder control and also better. The complaints return form completely, however unlikely, write the physicians. The Operation prevents, the disease progresses, it can make existing nerve damage, but undo.