Why parents are not to FIB to your children better

"If you’re not a good boy, I’ll call the police!" Some parents use one or the other lie to get their children to behave. A new study by the Technical University in Singapore shows that this can obviously have long-term effects on the offspring.

Apparently, the adults were cheating, as a child her parents more and more often are, their parents later are also less likely to be honest. They also show a common behavior of time dependencies: they behave more destructive, are plagued by feelings of guilt and are more likely to be manipulative and selfish. A recent survey of 379 adults, the results of which appeared in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology shows.

"Parents lie to their children more frequently, if, for example, the reasons for that are somewhat difficult to convey. The current study shows, however, that this dishonesty undermines the trust and children by inciting self-lügen", study leader Professor Setoh Peipei says. Parents should be informed of the possible consequences and Alternatives to the Frauds are looking for: for example, the feelings of their children recognise, explain to them what you really expected, and choice opportunities, to solve problems together.

For the study, the researchers asked young adults whether they were as a child your parents lied to you, how often do you lie to your parents now, and how well you cope with various challenges in everyday life. Examples of such lies were about "If you don’t come now, I’ll leave you here alleine", or "I have no money, we come to another day wieder".