Why seniors benefit from protein

More and high-quality Protein at Breakfast or at lunch time could help older people, their muscle mass with age, to maintain. You will also benefit if the protein intake is throughout the day evenly, as British researchers report.

The body to formation of lean muscle mass to encourage a regular intake of protein is required. In older people this process is less efficient, which is why you need to have the same effect more protein than younger people. A study by the University of Birmingham is that it is not enough, however, to eat more total protein: Older people should spread the intake evenly across all meals, the Use for muscle mass maximize.

Äolder people need more Eiweiß

"We know that protein has in the elderly have a lower effect on the muscle build-up than in younger persons. Therefore seniors need to eat more Protein to achieve the same reaction to the muscle-building, like people, younger and middle-aged. Our results show that a uniform policy for the protein wird&quot intake of all age groups;, Dr. Benoit Smeuninx explained. Another possibility is to use the protein better for the muscles, is to exercise regularly.

The analysis of food habits revealed that most of the 120 study participants, sufficient protein, the distribution over the course of the day, however, was very different. In addition, older people accessible in comparison to younger at noon, more to protein sources of lower quality, for example, to bread. Good sources of protein, such as chicken eggs, milk products, fish, meat and legumes are against it.